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Specialist Courses

Each of our specialist courses is a fully bespoke and specially designed programme for you to follow over 6 or 12 weeks to guarantee results.

They are targeted to your own particular issues, e.g.

Back Pain, Knee Pain, Weight loss, Postnatal Recovery

So, Whats Included?

A weekly one to one session with Mercede
3 exercise sessions to complete at home per week
A homework and food diary

In addition to this you get the following extra services FREE

2 x fitness tests through the duration of your course
Access to online exercises
One 25min massage/manual therapy session
Nutritional advice and weekly diet analysis

If you want results and are ready to dedicate yourself to change your life this is the kick start for you.

6 week course £320
12 week course £620

Acceptance is on a case by case basis for this programme so please get in touch for availability and an initial assessment.