One to One Consultancy

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The Studio Warwick
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One to One Consultancy and Training at The Studio

All of our instructors offer one to one consultancy, or training, in their specific skills.

The benefits of one to one consultancy or training

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One to One Training is a great way to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals. We will work with you, individually or in pairs, to identify your needs and create a personal fitness plan that will get results.

We believe that exercise shouldn't be a chore, it should be an enjoyable addition to your life.

We will inspire you to reach your goals and motivate you to get fitter and feel better.

By working with a personal trainer you will see fast results and can have the confidence that you are making the most of your exercise routine.

We offer a variety of Personal Training options with different instructors.

Janey offers One to One Yoga, ideal to get your technique perfected or to develop a programme to continue at home.

Mac offers Thai Boxing Styled fitness training under the new brand of ThaiFit for individuals or in small groups.

Mercede offers pre, ante and post natal one to one consultancy, where you can find out about what is good and bad for you at all the stages of pregnancy, including thinking about it, and many years after it.

Kimberley offers Pilates for strength and conditioning.

If you are not sure who to contact, or have any difficulty in making contact, do contact Anne who can advise you further.