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Myofacial Release Massage

What is Myofacial Release Massage?

A technique not offered by many therapists but which is gaining a reputation for giving the benefit of sport massage with a much more gentle approach.

Fascia is the connective tissue which holds together our muscles and which link the bone and muscular structures of our bodies. Fascia connects the pelvis to the shoulder, and the sole of the foot to the hamstrings and so on...

Myofascial Release is especially beneficial for: Very tight muscle which does not respond to regular massage. Areas of your body which feel 'solid', frequently the lower back, shoulders and legs. Releasing the feeling of your body needing to 'click' back into place

How Does Myofacial Release Massage Work?

Fascia is released by gentle pressure and stretching of the fibres. This then allows the underlying muscles to be treated much more easily. Fascia often pulls bony structures such as the pelvis or shoulder girdle out of its correct position. If the fascia is released the muscles can settle back to where they should be and pain is significantly reduced.

What should I expect from a treatment?

The treatment will start with a consultation to assess your condition, level of pain or discomfort. This may be followed by Biomechanic based muscle testing and depending on your condition, range of movement and nerve mobility tests.
The Myofascial release treatment commences with gentle full hand pressure on tight fascial areas. This warms the area and it will begin to ease or give a little. As this eases, the treatment will move to cover a bigger area. The fascia will becomes more mobile allowing the underlying muscle to function with more efficiency. The main areas to benefit are the shoulders, upper and lower back, legs and feet, and neck. If you prefer to be clothed during the treatment this is possible although the treatment needs to be on bare skin so do wear a vest top and loose skirt (for ladies) or shorts (for men). Oil is not used during Myofascial Release.

Working on deeper layers after Myofascial Release tends to gives an effective result on the muscle without the need for heavy pressure.