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Hot Stone Massage

Massage is known to improve the circulatory system. It assists with the movement of lymph fluid through the body which can improve the immune system. This consequently helps to speed healing processes. Skin condition is improved by stimulation of the skin cells and absorption of oils used during the treatment.

Hot Stone Massage accentuates these benefits through the use of the hot smooth basalt stones. Although the massage is not designed to be a deep tissue treatment the effect is up to four times deeper than a normal swedish massage.

Massage encourages relaxation and gives stress relief by the nurturing nature of touch. By using hot stones the relaxation effect is heightened.

Cold marble stones can be used on the face which can be refreshing, especially in the warmer weather.

Hot Stone Massage offers a holistic whole body approach and includes elements of reflexology. The benefit of heat in relaxing the body’s soft tissues is utilised to encourage the deeper tissues to relax, without having to press hard.

A beneficial Hot Stone Massage can be given in 30 minutes, but for a thorough relaxation 60 minutes is advisable.

If you are feeling really indulgent book yourself the full 90 minute treatment.