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I Move Freely Pilates

“I Move Freely” Pilates is a unique modern programme created specifically for people restricted by tightness and/or pain.

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We have used the principles of Pilates for core stability, combined them with Bio Mechanic techniques for the release of tight muscles, and added physiotherapy based exercises designed to combat back pain. The gives the additional benefits of all round core stability, improvement in back health, and better posture.
Osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors and GPs recommend Pilates as a beneficial form of exercise to augment their treatments. "I Move Freely" Pilates is one of the safest forms of Pilates for this purpose. Many of the specific exercises are actually prescribed by physiotherapists. Results should be seen within weeks as posture improves immediately, with strength and flexibility following soon after. "I Move Freely" Pilates can be tailored to any age group and fitness level. It is especially beneficial for people looking for a low impact, back friendly exercise class to manage ongoing joint aches and stiffness through stretching and gentle muscle strengthening. This class runs in person and online, we do limit participants to be able to meet the needs of each person. If you are joining an online class it would be beneficial to have a one to one prior to joining to understand the fundamentals of the class and so we can understand your individual circumstances.