Class Availability

Phone - 07957 173383

The Studio Warwick
21, Old Square
CV34 4RU

Class Availability On Mondays

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There are 5 weeks of availability information on this page. If you can not see all the columns then just click the small "plus" to the left to see the additional dates.
Time Class 23 Apr 30 Apr 7 May 14 May 21 May
09:30 Janey's Yoga Tb Tbc Tbc Tbc Tbc
10:30 Janey's Yoga Tbc Tbc Tbc Tbc Tbc
12:30 Conditioning Pilates Yes Yes x5 No class Yes Yes
14:00 Mums and Babies Yes Yes No class Yes Yes
15:00 Back Pain Clinic Yes Yes x1 No class Yes x1 Yes x1
17:00 IMF Pilates Yes x1 Yes x1 No class Yes x1 Yes x1
18:00 IMF Pilates Yes x1 Yes x1 Tbc Yes x1 Yes x1
19:00 IMF Pilates Full Full Tbc Full Full
20:00 IMF Pilates Yes x2 Yes x1 Tbc Yes x2 Yes x2